Frequently asked questions

No. We rent a station at the Artisan Kitchen Cafe in Richmond. Pickups are available between 12:30-1:30pm on delivery days.

Tuesday’s deliveries orders accepted by Sunday 6PM
Friday’s deliveries orders accepted by Wednesday 6PM

We love special requests! You can reach us on social media or via the contact us page and let us know what you’re craving. While we can’t promise for sure, we’ll do our best to include it in upcoming menus.

We serve only family style meals. They come in two sizes 2 Portions or 4-5 portions.

Deliveries are on Tuesday and Friday 2-6PM. To receive a shorter ETA please subscribe to our newsletter.

Each dish has a sticker with heating & serving suggestions on the box.

While taste might be slightly compromised, most dishes can be frozen. We don’t recommend freezing seafood dishes or anything with fresh vegetables.

While our meal deliveries aren’t kosher. Catered events can be done kosher.

Yes, our minimum per order is $65.