The magic is love, freshness and a twist on the traditional.

Our Story

For us at Olive, there is no greater joy than hearing from our clients messages like: “You’re a lifesaver!” “My family ate EVERY crumb!” “Even my picky toddler ate those meatballs – what did you put in them – magic powder?” Because yes – we do put magic in every meal for each and every one of you. The magic is love, freshness and a twist on the traditional.

Each week is a new adventure, a blast for us and for you – the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone else has done the work – you just have to heat, eat and enjoy.

From our kitchen to yours – L’chaim!

Our Team

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Arkadi Kluger

Co-Founder & Executive Chef

Growing up, I drank up every drop of culinary wisdom from my Mother and Grandmother. They mainly cooked traditional Russian food - Borscht, Plov, Stews and Dumplings.

Through the years I dabbled in restaurants and catering stints - but in 2014 I got the life changing opportunity to participate in Food Network's show “The Great Food Truck Race”. Our truck “Middle Feast” took first place! We opened a truck in LA and people LOVED our food - but I wanted to level up my culinary career.

My California dream was to harvest and cook the freshest local produce that could be found with a rotating menu that challenged me each week. So my partner Elinor and I moved to the Bay Area, the epicenter of the “Farm to Table” movement and opened a boutique catering company called “Olive” - where we served exclusive corporate and personal chef events. All of our dishes were the perfect blend of my Russian background, my flair for Middle Eastern with a twist - with the best of the bounty that California has to offer.

And then came COVID….

We saw a massive opportunity in the unfortunate circumstances: People were no longer having events - but they were exhausted from suddenly having to cook 3 meals a day 7 days a week. And so many friends and customers were searching for delicious, nutritious and affordable ways to keep their families fed and happy. So Olive became the ultimate bi-weekly food delivery service for the greater Bay Area.